Wangonet Projects
Designation: Executive Director

Mr. Lardner holds a Bachelor degree in Philosophy from the University of Lagos (1980). His international experience includes a long association with the United Nations system, serving in various capacities worldwide. Building on his early media career in Nigeria, he has over the last two decades gathered wide international experience including serving as an Adjunct Professor, Centre for New Media at the Columbia University School of Journalism (1996-8) and as a Research Fellow, Freedom Forum Media Studies Centre (1992-3) also at Columbia University. Mr. Lardner was also a Reuter Scholar/Knight Fellow with the Department of Communications at Stanford University (1988-9).

He is a published media scholar and communications consultant with academic work at both Stanford and Columbia Universities, U.S.A., and as a consultant he has practical experience designing and managing complex and multi-media communications and public policy projects for The World Bank and the United Nations. He has served as a UN electoral staff observer and team leader, working to organize the historic 1994 South African Elections as well as a UN team leader in the monitoring of elections in Mozambique. He also has UN and World Bank experience in coordinating conferences, possesses excellent writing, a robust intellect, integrity, great public speaking skills and mature interpersonal skills. He is the founder of WANGONeT.