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The West African NGO Network (WANGONeT) was established in 2000 to harness and bring the benefits of the steadily evolving information and Communication Technology sector to Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Parastatals, Educational and Cultural Institutions and the Private Sector. It is a knowledge based and knowledge driven organization constantly learning new ways of harnessing web and mobile technologies to drive local adoption and adaptation in relevant sectors of development.

Our operational philosophy within a measured and adaptive information and communication for development (ICT4D) framework is to conceptualize, adapt, and develop programs and projects to meet the needs of civil society organizations, governments, the private sector, as well as to undertake policy analysis and advocacy campaigns using new media tools for the public good and through the agency of our partners in development.

As a ‘Network of networks’ we operate through two types of networks. The first are the ‘virtual networks’ that represent our growing online community of partners in development and the second are the ‘real networks’ of CSOs that we regularly meet with to share ideas, resources and collaborations on specific programs on good governance, anti-corruption, free and fair elections and other ideas that strengthen the rule of law, the constitutional order and good democratic principles.

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At WANGONeT, we pride ourselves with growing and nurturing a lateral thinking innovative culture that always seeks to provide new lenses for looking at old problems and then ensuring the transition of ideas into adaptable technological innovations for development. In achieving this, we place a premium on conducting value-based research that oftentimes challenge the easy assumptions we all make about the business and philosophy of development. At the core of WANGONeT is a robust and dedicated team of young, multicultural professionals and executives with diverse experiences ranging from the fields of technology, human sciences to journalism, philosophy and the arts.

In collaboration with a growing network of Civil Society Organizations and Government Agencies across West Africa, WANGONeT has recently initiated, developed and implemented projects to address systemic issues like free and fair elections, anti-corruption advocacy and civic education enlightenment, as well as empowering local communities to monitor and reportoil spills in Nigeria’s oil rich Niger-Delta. We fully subscribe to the growing global movement for open governments that are transparent, accountable and with a clear legal and rational operational philosophy that is focused on delivering tangible and beneficial public goods and services.

Services presently provided by WANGONeT are:

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In the immediate future, our work in Nigeria will be focused on creating enlightened voters robustly engaged in issues based elections in 2019 and beyond, and in West Africa, we will provide, amongst other things, advocacy tools that promote good governance in the African sub region.